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Piccolino is situated on the right side of the valley, not far from San Martino in Badia,


right where the lower valley slowly broadens out and welcomes the visitor with an amazing landscape, surrounded by the majestic Sasso Croce and Sas Pütia.


Nowadays Piccolino is an important historical centre as it is home to the first social infrastructures of the Val Badia. The house ─ćiasa dl Maier (built in the year 1650), which served as lodging for important people working in the iron production in the near locality of Alfur, is a good example of past times.


The St. Anthony chapel dlijia de Sant Antone dating from the same century has still a lot of visitors. Just above the church lies the building Ciastel Freick, built in the 14th century. It used to be a guest house and later a nursing home. Furthermore, in Piccolino you find the social district Val Badia, a pharmacy and several restaurants and bars.


A few km from Piccolino lie the two small villages of Antermoia and Longiarù, which are still characterized by a rural environment. This is why the tradition of the so called „viles“ (rural settlements) and the mill valley could be continued.

The Weather in Piccolino and San Martino in Badia

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